Inverso Mundus, 2015 (film, 38 min.)

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In Inverso Mundus, reality as we know it is turned on its head. In a sensual game of role reversal, the underclass has the power while those in power become submissive. The supposed hierarchy between humans and non-humans is also questioned in this poetic reinterpretation of our world, wherein the identity of everything and everyone is fluid. Humans, fantasy creatures and animals respond to each other’s physical presence and sexuality and find each other in one big four-poster bed. It is a limitless world that shows how our imagination can liberate and enrich us.

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somatic exercise

Breathing – Body breath.

Stand or sit down and take some time to breathe and tune into how you are feeling in your body. You can start by just noticing your breath and then slowly bringing your breath into your chest and noticing any differences that come up. 

Then take your breath down into the pit of your belly, and put your hand on your belly as you continue to breathe. Feel with your hand, how your belly is expanding and contracting. Then move your breath into your pelvis, feel, visualise or sense where your breath is and try to connect to your pelvic area. 

Keep your knees bent and feel the soles of your feet connecting to the floor. You can keep your breath here or increase the sensuality by breathing into your cock or pussy or however you call your genitals. This is a body breath that keeps us grounded. It can also be used to build sexual evergy. 

Homework – Core desires & fantasy.

The way you can have the hottest sexual experiences is to know your biggest turn-on’s, fancacies and most importantly what you want to feel during sex. In this exersie you are going to take a trip into your hottest sexual fantasy. Take some alone time alone or with a partner(s).

Close your eyes and use the above breathing practice to relax and feel your sexual energy. As you start to breathe into your cock or pussy, start to imagine the hottest sexual experance you’ve ever had or one that you want to have. Imagine all the finer details, what does the place look like, who is there, and what can you smell, taste, feel and hear. Try to embody this experience and feel like you are there. 

What are you feeling in this fantasy? Take a moment to notice what you crave for the most. Is it to feel seen, loved, embarrassed, shamed, dominated, submissive, sensual, in control, liberated, spiritual, worshipped, powerful, god-like, scared, violated, etc. While staying connected to your breathing and your sexual energy try and find the words or feelings that link to your core desire in your fantasy. You can keep going back to your fantasy to find what turns you on the most. 

Let your feelings in, and let them spread throughout your entire body. When you’re ready, come back into the room. Take a moment to write down your experience, feelings and words that came up for you.

What do you desire the most in a sexual experience, and how can you experience this out in the world?