Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens

Imagine The Earth Is Your Lover, The One Minutes Series, 2021 (curated films)

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Where does our sexuality begin and end? Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, founders of the ‘eco-sex movement’, present as part of The One Minutes film series, 23 one-minute films in which artists and filmmakers visualize their passionate love for nature. Sprinkle and Stephens, suggest that we exchange the metaphor of ‘Mother Earth’ for that of the “Earth as Lover.” After all, we are constantly engaging with our natural environment – whether we are eating or basking in the sun – and that too can be an erotic experience. Only when we become aware of this can we enter into a mutual and sustainable relationship with our planet.

Participating artists:

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, Linda Montano, Felix Klee, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Federico Tello, PornProcess (Aurore Morillon), Graham Bell Tornado, Lady Monster, Sam Mountford, Kupalua, Joseph Kramer & Scarlot Harlot, Pony Express, Cyril Sancereau, Maria the Korean Bride, K-Haw and L-Haw, Rosario Veneno, Sura Hertzberg & Hailey Jelaire, Lina Bravo & Rowena Buur, Vinicius Davi, Muza de la Luz, Nicolás Dumit, Estévez Raful Espejo, Anna Recasens and Laia Solé, Misha de Ridder, moon wink.

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somatic exercise

Breathing – Erotic breath.

Start by bending your knees and connecting to the ground or sit down and feel the soles of your feet on the floor. Imagine you are connected to the earth like the roots of a tree, held, accepted and supported.

Take deep breaths into your chest, allowing your chest to expand and decompress. Notice how you’re feeling without having to change anything. Then, take slow deep breaths into your stomach, allowing the breath to move deeper into the body. Take breaths as far down as you can and feel the pressure from your breath connect to your pelvic floor. Bring your awareness to your cock or pussy and notice what’s happening. 

Now, squeeze the muscles in your pelvic floor on the inhale, like you are stopping yourself from peeing. Then release on the exhale. You can do this as many times as you like. There is no right or wrong. Just notice how you feel. Is there arousal, connection, confusion, detachment etc.?

Homework – Connecting to the world around us.

Use the above breathing technique to get yourself in a calm erotic space. 

Find some time alone or with a partner(s). Wear something sexy, comfortable or nothing at all. Start by looking around your space for new textures and things that you can touch or rub on yourself. It can be plants, floors, chairs, a table, rope, vases, or walls. The choice is yours.

Once you have found your item, for example, a plant. Notice what the leaves feel like in your hand, on your face and on all other parts of your body. It may be smooth, prickly, hard or bushy. Play around and just notice the different feelings that come up and what the textures feel like on your skin. As another example, you could lay naked on the floor and feel the floor. The floor might be ribbed, smooth, fluffy, cold or warm. Notice how your cock, pussy and body parts feel as they connect to different textures and temperatures.

This exercise is great to explore ecosexuality and different types of touch and textures that you may not have explored before that can be fun and arousing. You can use this exercise in the house, in your garden and if you’re brave enough maybe outside, at the beach or the woods. 

The most important part of this exercise is that you have fun. Try to approach it with a beginner’s mind, be playful, silly and curious.

What did you notice about the kind of touch and textures you like or didn’t like?