Author: Gari

  • Danique Scipio

    Danique Scipio

    Somatic Sex Coach, Pleasure Activist & Erotic Facilitator Danique Scipio presents a workshop Erotic Sex Education during Happy Ending. During this workshop, general sex education will be provided on what eroticism is all about now, what it can look like in the bedroom, outside the bedroom and in our society. There will also be an […]

  • Daphne Gakes

    Daphne Gakes

    Sex professor Daphne Gakes (Utrecht University) is known for her series of podcasts and videos entitled ‘Between the Sheets‘. By having open conversations with famous and less famous Dutch people who dare to talk about sex, she blows a thick layer of dust off sex lives throughout the Low Countries. Daphne will give a performative […]

  • Bert’s Books

    Bert’s Books

    Bert’s bookcase is full of tasty material! Bert Sliggers was curator of Teylers Museum for a large part of his working life, where he was responsible for a number of high-profile exhibitions. As guest curator he is associated with Huis van het Boek, for which he put together the exhibition Porno op Papier, among others. […]

  • Shari Klein

    Shari Klein

    Shari’s poems and spoken word are down to earth, lighthearted and genuine. Often in Dutch, sometimes in English. When she started writing poetry, the majority was erotic. It sparked the idea for her business and platform for sexuality, the Pleasure Society, and has opened up the conversation for many about this subject.

  • Sophie Du Palais

    Sophie Du Palais

    Sophie du Palais, also known as Vrouwe Fataal, is a German vocalist and recording artist from Amsterdam. Sophie du Palais’ sound mixes elements of sinister and commanding vocals – reminiscent of Miss Kittin’ – to create an infectious vortex of panic.