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Yes, Please!, 2020 (multimedia installation)

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This installation consists of two physical spaces where visitors can come closer to each other. In the intimate environment of a large inflatable membrane, you listen through a headset to personal stories: the sexual fantasies of people all over the Netherlands, collected by the artists over several months. Outside the membrane, you can see the movements of the listeners, who are enticed in the space to get together or even share a ‘bed’. In the privacy of a caravan, you can record your own sexual fantasy and leave it for future installations. Follow the neon words ‘Yes Please’ above the entrance of the caravan to share your deepest desires. This installation is presented in partnership with Marres Maastricht.

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somatic exercise

Breathing – Erotic breathing.

Start by bending your knees and connecting to the ground or sit down and feel the soles of your feet on the floor. Feel how the ground or your chair supports you. Notice how you are feeling without having to change anything.

Take deep breaths into your chest, allowing your chest to expand and decompress. Then, take slow deep breaths into your stomach, allowing the breath to move deeper into the body. Take breaths as far down as you can and feel the pressure from your breath connect to your pelvic floor. Bring your awareness to your cock or pussy and notice what’s happening.

Now, squeeze the muscles in your pelvic floor on the inhale, like you are stopping yourself from peeing. Then release on the exhale. As you become more connected to your cock or pussy you can hold your breath on the inhale and squeeze all your muscles for 5 seconds and release on the exhale.

You can do this as many times as you like. There is no right or wrong. Just notice how you feel. Is there arousal, connection, confusion, detachment etc.?

Homework – Core Fantasies.

It is important to note that our core desires and the fantasies around them are shaped by childhood experiences, wounds and trauma. Fantasies can be a path to soothe conflicts and resolve them in some way. Playing with fantasies that lean into what happened in childhood is called repetition with agency. Where you take change and agency over yourself and explore in a safe consensual way. And, experiencing the opposite of what happened in childhood is a reparative fantasy. Where for example if you were degraded you may want to be adored. Celebrate what is hot about your fantasies and how to explore them in a way that gets your needs met without harming yourself or others. 

The way you can have the hottest sexual experiences is to know your biggest turn-on’s, fancacies and most importantly what you want to feel during sex. In this exersie you are going to take a trip into your hottest sexual fantasy. Take some alone time alone or with a partner(s).

Close your eyes and use the above breathing practice to relax and feel your sexual energy. As you start to breathe into your cock or pussy, start to imagine the hottest sexual experance you’ve ever had or one that you want to have. Imagine all the finer details, what does the place look like, who is there, and what can you smell, taste, feel and hear. Try to embody this experience and feel like you are there.

What are you feeling in this fantasy? Take a moment to notice what you crave for the most. Is it to feel seen, loved, embarrassed, shamed, dominated, submissive, sensual, in control, liberated, spiritual, worshipped, powerful, god-like, scared, violated, etc. While staying connected to your breathing and your sexual energy try and find the words or feelings that link to your core desire in your fantasy. You can keep going back to your fantasy to find what turns you on the most.

Let your feelings in, and let them spread throughout your entire body. When you’re ready, come back into the room. Take a moment to write down your experience, feelings and words that came up for you.

What do you desire the most in a sexual experience, and how can you experience this out in the world?