Frank Bloem

The Wandering Dutch, 2021 (geurinstallatie)

Which scents suit the self-confident youngsters of the seventeenth century? The Japanese courtesans who accompanied the Dutch at their trading post in Dejima? Or adventurer Alexine Tinne, on a voyage of discovery to find the origin of the Nile? This series of perfumes brings sensual chapters from Dutch history to life. It is the scent of exoticism and adventure, freedom and seduction. The seventeenth-century youngsters grew their hair and started wearing perfumes and smoking pot after reading the book ‘Secreti’ by Alessio Piemontese; the courtesans were the only Japanese with access to the Dutch trading post, and Tinne was murdered while searching for new horizons.

Secreti del Piemontese: tones of wood and a touch of smoke, blood orange, anise, black pepper and a dry down of ambergris. 

Oranda Yuki: a blast of neroli (orange blossom), fresh green notes and a light powdery musky dry down. 

Alexine: jasmine with resin notes, a watery background and animalic undertones.

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