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  • Johan Grimonprez

    Johan Grimonprez

    Raymond Tallis | On Tickling, 2017 (film, 8:00 min.) This short film by Johan Grimonprez offers an entrance to COME ALIVE. Using the concept of tickling as an example, British neurologist and philosopher Raymond Tallis explains that our individual consciousness only exists by the grace of relationships with others. Tickling is an extraordinary phenomenon because […]

  • melanie bonajo & SKINSHIP

    melanie bonajo & SKINSHIP

    SKINSHIP workshops & film screening, Nighs Soil – Economy of Love (2015)  In a world living under the spell of technology, Dutch artist melanie bonajo specializes in human intimacy. They focus specifically on queer/trans/non-binary and other people who are sidelined in our efficiency-driven society. bonajo creates safe spaces where the bodies of participants are leading […]

  • Mette Sterre

    Mette Sterre
  • Naomi Rincón Gallardo

    Naomi Rincón Gallardo

    Sangre Pesada (Heavy Blood), 2018 (film, 21:37 min.) Three seemingly very different characters — the ghost of a sex worker, a miner, and a hummingbird — meet in a dry, rugged landscape. They are among the survivors of the devastating power of extraction by the mining industry, which first depleted this region in Mexico, leaving […]

  • Oscar Peters

    Oscar Peters

    The Urge, 2022 (mixed media installatie) Oscar Peters’ kinetic installations set everything in motion. Roaring, raging, and flapping, they inevitably give you some kind of gut feeling. There is something menacing about the rattling constructions as if things could go wrong at any moment, yet at the same time, the works are fun, playful, and […]

  • Samantha Nye

    Samantha Nye

    Visual Pleasure Jukebox Cinema, 2021: Daddy, 2:59 min Silencer, 3:10 min Calender Girl, 2:58 min → read somatic exercise In her sultry videos, Samantha Nye plays with societal conventions about age, race and queer identity. With a cast of mostly older women, including her own mother and grandmother, she celebrates and explores queer spaces of […]

  • Yamuna Forzani

    Yamuna Forzani

    ANGEL DELIGHT, 2022 (installation/performance) Fashion designer and artist Yamuna Forzani speaks the language of ballroom. For COME ALIVE, she creates a brightly colored playground, inhabited by dancers and queens in her signature psychedelic and sensual textile design. The dancers are full of energy and passion, working towards both connection and climax. For Forzani, everything is […]

  • Zoï Tatopoulos

    Zoï Tatopoulos

    We Will Find It, 2021 (film, 3:16 min.) Are these dancers possessed? They move through the empty factory hall with amazing strength and agility, a vitality that could burst at any moment from the seams of the industrial building. Choreographer Zoï Tatopolous prefers to work with young dancers and musicians active in the underground. The […]