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  • Margriet van Breevoort

    Margriet van Breevoort

    #8015, 2017 (sculptuur) This ‘naked mole rat lady’ was originally made as a site-specific installation in a love-room in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The sculpture shows how both the area and the sex workers have become a tourist attraction: a zoo with hairless, naked animals behind glass. The women, or rather their bodies, have been […]

  • Ernesto Neto

    Ernesto Neto

    Oh Baby, I miss you!, 2011 (sculptuur) Ernesto Neto’s soft, biomorphic sculptures draw the viewer into a sensual relationship. The shapes entice you to come closer and you are almost tempted to touch them – and that is exactly the point. The work ‘Oh Baby, I miss you!’ is all about connection, eroticism, and desire. […]

  • Jan Koen Lomans

    Jan Koen Lomans

    Fields of Vibration-Inner Vortex,2022 (geluidsinstallatie) Everything in nature, from the greatest phenomena to the smallest parts, is in fact vibration. In 2017, interdisciplinary artist Jan Koen Lomans started an intensive research project with the Technical University Eindhoven to make these continuous vibrations tangible. This resulted in the creation of two enormous sound bowls with a […]

  • Esther Arribas

    Esther Arribas

    Dear Rubsters, Tribbers and All Those Who Want to Sign Up, 2021 (installatie / wrijfworkshop) Even before kindergarten, our sexual experience begins when we discover the pleasure of rubbing against bodies or objects. Movement artist Esther Arribas sees rubbing as the erotic act closest to our first nature. Their installation is a full-bodied pleasure scale, […]

  • Bas Kosters

    Bas Kosters

    “My house is on juicy street” → read somatic exercise Welcome to Bas, his extravagantly soft and sensually weird home, let him touch you with his warm walls. The sex house of visual artist and designer Bas Kosters emphasizes on the tactility of textiles and features the past and future of Bas Kosters textile erotic […]

  • Angel-Rose Oedit-Doebé

    Angel-Rose Oedit-Doebé

    World of the angel-rose coloured glasses, 2021 (installatie) In this playful installation you see the world through ‘Angel-Rose-coloured glasses’. You walk across a collage of Instagram posts, the onslaught of information that determines our perception, and see yourself reflected in mirrors with quotes such as ‘I hope you have the confidence of a mediocre white […]

  • Alice Heron

    Alice Heron

    Sit on It & Drive, 2022 (installaties/ sculpturen) A brand-new car is hanging high in the air, bondaged as a submissive item. Multidisciplinary artist and cook Alice Héron uses shibari, the Japanese art of bondage, to eroticize the everyday objects that surround us. In the absence of physical contact during lockdowns, this new relation to […]



    → read somatic exercise (Organization of Escenic Investigation), Entrenar la Fiesta, film/performance, 2018 – 2022 How to generate vulnerable spaces and still feel contained by them? Entrenar la fiesta is a practice-party of social experimentation, of 4 hours each session. It is scheduled sporadically and is open to the public. The practice consists of a […]

  • Pauline Curnier Jardin

    Pauline Curnier Jardin

    Qu’un sang impur, 2019 (film, 16:05 min.) → read somatic exercise Qu’un Sang Impur began as a loose remake of Jean Genet’s “Un Chant d’Amour” (1950), a homoerotic love story between inmates in a prison, under the yearning watch of a sadistic prison guard. In Curnier Jardin’s film, shiny young male bodies are replaced with […]

  • Company New Heroes

    Company New Heroes

    Yes, Please!, 2020 (multimedia installation) → read somatic exercise This installation consists of two physical spaces where visitors can come closer to each other. In the intimate environment of a large inflatable membrane, you listen through a headset to personal stories: the sexual fantasies of people all over the Netherlands, collected by the artists over […]