Army of love

This event took place on June 5, 2022.

The Army of Love is a movement that promotes the redistribution of sensual love to all who need it. Solidarity, care and love die in a market situation where sex is for sale just like the many other substitutes for intimacy and love. As neoliberalism continues its onslaught on organized systems of collective care, we turn to each other. The Army of Love envisions a utopian future in which all are free to give and receive love according to their needs. 

Artist Mirjana Smolic represents the Army, supported by the founder Ingo Niermann, to offer sessions developing or spreading a practice of all-encompassing love for those who need it.

Join us each Sunday for events restoring attention, trust and connection as an essential move in the de-commodification of love, and a first step in transformation to wholeness.

Participants will experience the love of nature, the power of togetherness and the magic of attention. Topics include loneliness, touch, generous listening, endings and beginnings, disabilities, multiple sexual identities, young adults and minors, forbidden feelings, depression, consent, trauma and transformation. Take the whole journey, or join for individual events, to be announced soon.

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