Breaking Gender Myths to increase Sexual Pleasure

This event took place on July 9, 2022.

How are gender & sexual pleasure connected? What lessons are to be learned about gender to increase everyone’s pleasure in sex? You’ll find out in this pragmatic, participatory workshop! After attending this positive, pleasurable and safe session you will have gained more understanding on why gender awareness and reflection is one of the keys to sexual pleasure. All over the world, at all ages, starting here in Utrecht!

Yuri Ohlrichs is a NVVS-registered sexologist working for Rutgers, the sexual expertise center of the Netherlands. Yuri started as a sex educator and guided mandatory educational programs for juvenile sex offenders.

Since 2006 Yuri works worldwide as a trainer and consultant on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and communication about sexual health in education, healthcare and community work. He is an editor of, the most popular website about sexuality for young people in the Netherlands. Yuri is an expert in developing and implementing CSE-materials -manuals & curricula. His workshops, trainings and public speeches on professional sexual health communication are pragmatic and participatory.

Yuri has a strong focus on gender and sexual diversity, inclusivity and sexual pleasure. Yuri has written and edited several articles, websites, educational TV programs and other media content about CSE and psycho-social aspects of sexuality. For Rutgers and the Dutch Academic Society of Sexology (NVVS) Yuri is a media-spokesperson on a variety of sexological topics. For Rutgers Yuri has been working closely with partner organizations of Rutgers in Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Malawi, Rwanda, Somaliland, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda) and Asia (Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Philippines).

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