Connected Conversations

This event took place on June 4 2022.

Join us for Connected Conversations: an evening of deeper conversation about stuff that matters in restaurant De Zware Jongens. Re-connect with what you care about and connect with others from heart to heart.

• DAMAGE: what you can miss, reference price €25. Pay on the night itself!

During the evening you will pair off for a number of one on one conversations and – guided by a conversation menu – discover the surprising power of deeper conversation to open the door to intimacy, even between strangers. 

You could find a soul mate, you might make a new friend for life, you could gain a new insight into an important question that’s on your mind. One thing is sure: you will have a provocative, stimulating and connecting evening.

Connected Conversations are led by Charlie O’Malley and Mirjana Smolic.

They draw from practices of systemic work, coaching and counselling to deepen the conversation and the insights that arise.

Charlie O’Malley focuses on catalysing positive social and environmental change. He works as UNDP senior systems change advisor, lectures at Oxford Leadership Programme and is dedicated organisational and family constellations practitioner.

Mirjana Smolic is artist, family constellations practitioner, councillor and artistic director of the Army of Love contribution at COME ALIVE. Her fascination is the space between free will and destiny. Space between Eros and Thanatos. Body and Soul. 

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