Day of Sex Work

This event took place on June 19, 2022.

Sinsia is a somatic sex coach who supports (mostly) queer people in creating the sex life of their choice. They specialize in shifting the focus from analysing to feeling, helping clients to integrate mind and body. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, which means they are trained to be body oriented, trauma informed and client led.

Sinsia worked as an escort for over six years before starting her coaching practice, an experience that informs and enriches their current work. She identifies as a queer, polyamorous, and kinky gender explorer and uses they and she pronouns (as demonstrated in this text :)).

Instagram: @Sinsia.TheQueerSexCoach

15.00-16.00 – Ask Me Anything: Sex Worker Edition

This is the place to ask all those questions about sex work you have had forever, but never dared ask. Julia, a transgender sex worker from Guatamala and Sinsia, a former escort from Utrecht, invite you to bring all your questions to this intimate gathering. Expect nuance, complexity and good stories from worlds you might have not had insight into before.

16.30-18.30 – So you think you know what you want?

Consent is about so much more than just saying “yes” and “no”. Because how do you even know what you do and don’t want? How does that feel in your body? And how do you communicate about that? During this workshop you will get to know your body’s communication style, so that you can make more conscious choices about what you do and don’t want to do. We will slow down, take time and space to feel and thus build a more authentic connection with ourselves and the other.

19.30-21.30 – The Sex Work Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would like to be a sex worker? During this workshop you are offered a taste of what this illustrious profession entails. Sinsia is a former escort who will take you on a journey of transactional giving and receiving service. The workshop is strongly based in practices like the Wheel of Consent, as noticing and expressing desires and boundaries is one the most important skills a sex worker has to have. During the workshop underpants will stay on, but otherwise clothing is optional. No need to bring money, but please do bring two beautiful natural things like feathers, leaves, a stone etc. Make sure you are ok to part with those items.

Note: It is not mandatory to attend all three workshops, feel free to come to the ones that speak to you the most!

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