De Meerminners Talks: Sex With More People

Polyamory is not all about the sex, yet many of us like it a lot and want to have sex with more than one partner. But how do we make that happen? Emotional well-being, what to discuss, agree upon and disclose, what to do with your safer sex practices, navigating group sex, dealing with how your partner has their own sexual encounters, and how do we deal with slut shaming, both internalized as well as brought to you by The Outside World(™)? Join us to discuss our experiences, find recognition and maybe pick up a few tips & tricks from our collective hive mind.

Roos Reijbroek is a relationship coach specialized in polyamory and other non-normative relationships. At her business De Vrije Ruimte, she supports nonmonogamous people on topics like vulnerability, attachment, desire, autonomy and emotional safety. She also organizes community events for the local polyamorous/nonmono community with De Meerminners and writes relationship advice for Zij Aan Zij. And of course, Roos loves a side project or two to facilitate more comfort and joy in love, sex and relations for people of all backgrounds. Aside from that, she loves her cats, raw cacao nibs, bouldering and smashing patriarchy.

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