Ĭichti@ Solstice Ritual

This event took place on June 18, 2022.

The sWitches artivist cyberfeminist constellation invites you to Ĭichti@, an interactive dance piece that celebrates the Sun.

It exists within an audiovisual installation where different dimensions of ancestors, creatures, and Selves gather to spiral dance together. The sWitches channel the energy of the Sun as a light force, guiding it from their pelvic floor into their creation. Translating their movements through a vaginal muscle sensor, they influence the installation and activate light and visuals within the environment. Join us for a sensorial journey where your eyes, ears, and skin are exposed to an ecstatic encounter. Extending our bodies, we devote ourselves to the Sun Light and resurrect from the darkness, rebirthing into the harmony of the physical, spiritual, and digital worlds.

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