The Embodied Tour: Playing with Movement, Touch and BreathinG

In the exhibition we explore together how we can experience art pieces in an embodied way: how do you relate to them, play with them, sense them? Before entering the exhibition we meet as a group and take time to slow down and open our senses. We move easily, breathe fully and connect to ourselves, to the group and to the surroundings. And, while meeting Wandering Sculptures, we play with touching ‘strange bodies’ from materials like clay or copper. 

Susan Bink (NL) The sculptures and installations I make and the performances I do arise from a curiosity about what I encounter. With my visual work I am looking for forms of movement, among other things. What if you found, made or designed something? How can that move in daily life and in public space? How can we unjoin competition and play with instructions? The longer I look and wander, the more I discover that in my not-knowing, in between everything, my wonder can grow, without an imposed rhythm.

Joshua Nieli (EN) Joshua is an intimacy coach, curator and public speaker whose goal is to help you explore intimacy through various modalities to bring you closer to your true self and authenticity and communicate that to others.

Susi Rosenfeld (D)  As a dancer and artist educator I work with somatics, improvisation and performance art. I like to play with impulses, spontaneity and the joy of movement. Recently, I have been doing artistic research about the way improv performances can be developed in a collective process with people with various backgrounds at Common Stage in Utrecht. And together with Susan Bink, I explore how we move, play and perform in public space.

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