The Mouth is a Microcosmic Pleasure Portal

This event took place on June 24, 2022.

Hosted by Andrea Lei (they) and Ayo Gry (they or he)

Open your mouth and your ass will follow. Open your ass and your mind will follow. We are entering the anatomic relationship between mouth and pelvic, the genitals, the guts and anus. By opening a somatic exploration of the mouth, we search for pleasure treasures, textures and sensations that have never been touched before. How fascinating is it that the interior of the mouth seems so close in structure to the vaginal, the G-spot, the anal and prostate area. With body sounds, breath and touch, we can arrive on the natural chemical highway to release the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin occurs in a positive feedback mechanism, where its initial release stimulates production and release of further oxytocin. This is what makes human connection, sexual desire and child birth possible. This workshop invites you to self exploration as well as a guided solo ritual with a lollipop or in a partner constellation.

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