Author: Iulia

  • Viktoria Kova

    Viktoria Kova

    The EYEPad, 2020 (video-installatie) Our irises are highly individual and therefore considered the pin codes of the future. However, the sequence of irises in this video is all about connection. Viktoria Kova photographed irises of mothers from around the world, to express the unity of all children of Mother Earth. As a counterweight to the […]

  • Sophie Calle

    Sophie Calle

    The Breasts, 2001 Voyage en Californie, 2003 Artist and photographer Sophie Calle plays with identity, vulnerability, and intimacy. In her work she often reflects on her own history, memories, and experiences with an ironic twist. In ‘The Breasts’ she supports her breasts which, after she had been ‘flat’ throughout her youth, suddenly became bigger as […]

  • Frank Bloem

    Frank Bloem

    The Wandering Dutch, 2021 (geurinstallatie) Which scents suit the self-confident youngsters of the seventeenth century? The Japanese courtesans who accompanied the Dutch at their trading post in Dejima? Or adventurer Alexine Tinne, on a voyage of discovery to find the origin of the Nile? This series of perfumes brings sensual chapters from Dutch history to […]

  • Clitshop


    Hosted by The Pleasure Society and Underbelly Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00 – 20:00 @ De Zware Jongens During COME ALIVE, The Pleasure Society and Underbelly invite you to the CLITSHOP: the gift shop you’d usually expect at an exhibition, but slightly different. Expect to step into a world full of eroticism, sexiness, and art. They’ll […]

  • Ask a Sex Coach

    Ask a Sex Coach

    Sinsia | The Queer Sex Coach Sinsia is a somatic sex coach who supports (mostly) queer people in creating the sex life of their choice. They specialize in shifting the focus from analysing to feeling, helping clients to integrate mind and body. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, which means they are trained to be […]

  • Nail Art by Caroline

    Nail Art by Caroline

    Caroline is an illustrator and mixed-media artist. Her work consists of her personal take on womenhood, feminism and the associated expectations that comes with them. In addition to illustrations, paintings and other forms of printing, she added nail art to her skill set. To Caroline it’s a way to wear and make a statement, or […]

  • Queer In Wonderland

    Queer In Wonderland

    Queer In Wonderland is a queer collective active in Utrecht, founded by Anne Chris Van Doesburg, Irene Cassarini, Guenter Råler and Taïs in September 2019. With the mission to create more inclusive and safer club-nights, the collective celebrates the freedom of self-expression and emancipation of the queer community through dancing, workshops and community building. They […]

  • Up close and confidential

    Up close and confidential

    Hosted by Mystique Angels Garçon  Arousal + Intimacy Interview Mystique Angels Garçon will be receiving you anonymously on the spot to hear you speak about your own experience of arousal and intimacy. Your testimony will be recorded on an audio file that can be sent to you as a memory, or a stepping stone to […]

  • Tongue reading by Zaza & Siso

    Tongue reading by Zaza & Siso

    Performance by Ine Poppe and Olga Middendorp (artists and organizers Beftival) What does your tongue teach you about your erotic potential? Have your sexual future predicted by the shape, folds and lines of your tongue. How thick is it, how pointed, how strong, how soft? You kiss, lick, eat, whisper, sigh and talk with your […]

  • Hsin Min Chan

    Hsin Min Chan

    To-be-looked-at-ness, 2021 (installation / performance) During the first wave of the pandemic, Hsin Min Chan was monitored by a 24-hour surveillance camera in an isolation ward. Only once she performed hysteria and despair was she released. This dehumanizing experience of the medical gaze made her acutely aware of similar gazes in her daily life. To […]