Author: Iulia

  • Hyenaz

    Perimeter, 2021 (film, 7:35 min.) What is the feeling of just barely belonging? And how does this affect your identity and sexuality? In this sharply cut music video, five artists from the Berlin queer scene explore the perimeters in their lives. Ambiguous relations with religious backgrounds, feminity, and pleasure, as well as the grey in-between […]

  • sWitches

    Ĭichti@, 2022 (multimedia-installatie/ performance) In this interactive dance performance and installation, your eyes, ears, and skin are exposed to an ecstatic, climatic, orgiastic encounter with the extended bodies of the dancers. It is a celebration of the transcendental power of the sun, where the sensual force of the sun is channeled through the pelvic floors […]

  • Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti

    Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti, Enlightenment Dances #1, #2, #3, 2021 (Collage) Wafae Ahalouch is fascinated by (inter)human power struggles that follow from traditions and customs. In this work, the dancer interprets the power of life as a primal human being. Here she embodies free thinking, as she is in touch with her own power and […]

  • Geoffrey Lillemon

    Witch of Jack Bomb, 2022 (digital sculpture) The Witch of Jackbomb is a customized metaverse self portrait by artist Geoffrey Lillemon, created especially for COME ALIVE. The portrait serves as an extension of the artist’s physical fitness desires and esoteric metaverse fantasies. Lillemon uses the infinite expressive freedom of the metaverse to show his desires […]

  • Joyce Overheul

    ¥ € $ (2021) Beadwork Tapestries/Oh Behave! (2022) Joyce Overheul offers a witty take on serious societal problems. In her work ‘Oh Behave!’ she uses materials that remind you of what was once typically female: needlework and textile arts. She features defensive texts such as “It was just a joke”, and “You are not allowed […]

  • Laura A Dima

    The Finger Rub Rug, 2020, installation ‘I love my partner’s fingers, but he has only ten. Are more fingers more fun? What would it be like to be able to lie on a bed of fingers?’ The Finger Rub Rug consists of a carpet of 1300 lifelike silicone replicas of the fingers of Laura A […]

  • Margriet van Breevoort

    #8015, 2017 (sculptuur) This ‘naked mole rat lady’ was originally made as a site-specific installation in a love-room in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The sculpture shows how both the area and the sex workers have become a tourist attraction: a zoo with hairless, naked animals behind glass. The women, or rather their bodies, have been […]

  • Ernesto Neto

    Oh Baby, I miss you!, 2011 (sculptuur) Ernesto Neto’s soft, biomorphic sculptures draw the viewer into a sensual relationship. The shapes entice you to come closer and you are almost tempted to touch them – and that is exactly the point. The work ‘Oh Baby, I miss you!’ is all about connection, eroticism, and desire. […]

  • Jan Koen Lomans

    Fields of Vibration-Inner Vortex,2022 (geluidsinstallatie) Everything in nature, from the greatest phenomena to the smallest parts, is in fact vibration. In 2017, interdisciplinary artist Jan Koen Lomans started an intensive research project with the Technical University Eindhoven to make these continuous vibrations tangible. This resulted in the creation of two enormous sound bowls with a […]

  • Esther Arribas

    Dear Rubsters, Tribbers and All Those Who Want to Sign Up, 2021 (installatie / wrijfworkshop) Even before kindergarten, our sexual experience begins when we discover the pleasure of rubbing against bodies or objects. Movement artist Esther Arribas sees rubbing as the erotic act closest to our first nature. Their installation is a full-bodied pleasure scale, […]