Author: Iulia

  • Alix Marie

    Alix Marie

    Curtain Call, 2021/2022 (installatie) Moving through the COME ALIVE exhibition you will find yourself passing between several pairs of sensual legs. The printed curtains of Alix Marie refer to the famous French dance the cancan. Most of us will associate that dance with the rows of scantily clad dancers at the Moulin Rouge, but before […]

  • Chang Gao

    Chang Gao

    Emotional Encounter, 2019 (installation) High above your head, a tongue glides over full, bright red lips. Our bodies can’t help but react to this sexually charged image, the eagerness of the virtual mouth. By provoking a physical reaction in the viewer, artist Chang Gao bridges digital and physical realities. The work was conceived in the […]

  • Eli Joteva

    Eli Joteva

    IntraBeing, 2021 (video-installatie)  With every touch, thought or encounter, countless processes are set in motion beneath our skin. Artist Eli Joteva spent eight consecutive hours in a state-of-the-art MRI scanner to map the nerve fibers in her chest cavity. The technique reveals how our sensual body houses an inner landscape, with endless possibilities for communication […]

  • Jesse Jones

    Jesse Jones

    Syllabus, 2018 (multimedia-installation) Irish artist Jesse Jones often recalls the past in her videos and installations to address the socio-political issues of today. In this work, the arm of Silvia Federici stretches out on the delicate fabric of a room-filling curtain. It is a tribute to the feminist Federici, whose work demonstrates how our economic […]

  • Inge & Martin Riebeek

    Inge & Martin Riebeek

    The Essentials, 2012-2021 (film) → read somatic exercise For over a decade, Inge & Martin Riebeek have asked people from all over the world to describe what they find essential in life. The result is an ever-growing collection of video portraits that reveals the desires, motivations and feelings of individuals while connecting people across differences. […]

  • Annika Kappner

    Annika Kappner

    AR_ATI, 2021 (geluidsinstallatie) Come in, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the embrace of this meditative installation. A calming voice talks about concepts related to life energy – Kundalini – using the alchemical element Fire. With the help of scent, a guided meditation, and ritual objects, you take an inner journey along the qualities associated with […]

  • Johan Grimonprez

    Johan Grimonprez

    Raymond Tallis | On Tickling, 2017 (film, 8:00 min.) This short film by Johan Grimonprez offers an entrance to COME ALIVE. Using the concept of tickling as an example, British neurologist and philosopher Raymond Tallis explains that our individual consciousness only exists by the grace of relationships with others. Tickling is an extraordinary phenomenon because […]

  • melanie bonajo & SKINSHIP

    melanie bonajo & SKINSHIP

    SKINSHIP workshops & film screening, Nighs Soil – Economy of Love (2015)  In a world living under the spell of technology, Dutch artist melanie bonajo specializes in human intimacy. They focus specifically on queer/trans/non-binary and other people who are sidelined in our efficiency-driven society. bonajo creates safe spaces where the bodies of participants are leading […]

  • Mette Sterre

    Mette Sterre
  • Naomi Rincón Gallardo

    Naomi Rincón Gallardo

    Sangre Pesada (Heavy Blood), 2018 (film, 21:37 min.) Three seemingly very different characters — the ghost of a sex worker, a miner, and a hummingbird — meet in a dry, rugged landscape. They are among the survivors of the devastating power of extraction by the mining industry, which first depleted this region in Mexico, leaving […]