Past events

COME ALIVE took place from june 3 – july 31 2022. All the events that took place during the exhibition are listed below.

  • De Meerminners Talks: Sex With More People

    Polyamory is not all about the sex, yet many of us like it a lot and want to have sex with more than one partner. But how do we make that happen? Emotional well-being, what to discuss, agree upon and disclose, what to do with your safer sex practices, navigating group sex, dealing with how […]

  • The Pleasurable Sex Session

    The Pleasurable Sex Session What does sexual pleasure mean to you? And what gets in the way of it? During this session we will reflect on these and other questions through a powerful visualization exercise. Susan Meijburg invites you on behalf of SWN to discuss this with each other – because pleasure is important for […]

  • What does it mean to be a man?

    *This workshop is open to all genders but aimed explicitly at men.  Somatic sex coach Joshua Nieli takes us on a journey through what it means to be socialised as a man. This workshop will look at where societal norms and beliefs come from, and how to re-parent yourself regarding these beliefs. You will learn […]

  • What About Scissoring?

    The artist and sexuality expert Esther Arribas welcomes us inside their installation “Dear Rubsters, Tribbers and All Those Who Want to Sign Up” to engage in one-on-one hand scissoring workshops. Together you will look at the word scissoring (referring to the sexual practice of genital rubbing associated with lesbians) from a critical, joyful, and ultimately, […]

  • COME ALIVE Closing Festival

    There are also tickets at the door! De Zware Jongens and COME ALIVE partner up for a sinful Closing Festival. Join us for this sunny Happy Ending Weekender of the COME ALIVE exhibition! July 30 | 12:00 – BAM! Get your tickets now: clickity here Expect an entire day & night full of performances, music, sexy art and […]